Sundown oven dried tomatoes Our flagship product and expertise is our semi dried or oven roasted tomatoes. Every step is quality controlled. Our tomatoes are caringly grown then naturally vine ripened before being hand picked for processing. The tomatoes are then washed, sorted and size graded in our own facility before being cut into segments. The cut tomato segments are then placed into our drying rooms which are computer controlled and monitored ensuring the tomatoes retain their natural colour, flavour and texture throughout the drying process. The result is a perfect balance giving our dried tomatoes the flavour intensity of a dried fruit but with the juiciness of a ripe tomato.

Once dried the tomatoes are carefully seasoned with salt, herbs and spices and marinated under a pure light canola oil. Everything is completely natural no artificial preservatives, flavours, colour or additives are used and all ingredients are GMO Free.

Our innovative packaging ensures we lock in the freshness. The finished product is quick frozen, moved to our freezers where they are ready to ship to any destination around the world.

Our product is packed in convenient and attractive 200g (7.1 oz) , 907g (2lb), 1.1kg (2.4lb) stand up re-sealable zipper lock pouches.

The shelf life on this product is 2 years frozen. Once thawed it has a 42 day refrigerated shelf life.

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